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Our road-building programme at Lower Pertwood Farm

One of the priorities for this year was to improve our roads so they required [...]

Lambing season in Wiltshire

Lambing season in Wiltshire, England is a joyful time for farmers. Spring brings new life [...]

Pertwood Welcomes ‘Nordic Walkers’

Rachel Carter from Hindon has a group of enthusiastic walkers which she has trained using [...]

Daffodils are more than just a pretty face

Daffodils are more than just a pretty face. Did you know these Spring-time flowers also [...]

Embracing Nature and Roman History in Wiltshire

Nature lovers and history enthusiasts, get ready for an adventure through the breathtaking landscape and [...]

Wild Bees: The Unsung Heroes of Our Ecosystem and Their Vital Role in the United Kingdom

When it comes to organic farming and the organic industry, there's a group of tiny [...]

Illustrated Pertwood Organic Farm Map

Pertwood Organic Farm recently enlisted the help of Jane Smart to produce this stunning hand-drawn [...]

Pertwood’s Commitment to Environmental Conservation: How You Can Get Involved

Pertwood Organic Farm has been a champion of environmental conservation for many years. With its [...]


Local Family Rambles

A wander around Lower Pertwood Farm (A special walk around an organic farm to enjoy [...]

Nature takes over!

A further investigation revealed a nest of four very hungry blackbird chicks on top of [...]

Sustainable Roads

We have learnt to create totally sustainable roads on Lower Pertwood Farm.

Help Protect our AONB

Lower Pertwood Farm objection to dump site licence extension

Organic farming – Wiltshire Wildlife Trust article

Our director, Wilfred Mole, has written a great article about organic farming on Pertwood Organic [...]

The flowers are beginning to come into their own at Lower Pertwood Farm.

A strange season which started with a very cold May which inhibited germination of our [...]


We greatly appreciate the amount of interest expressed by the general public in our activities [...]

An unmistakable feeling of purity (Video)

Lower Pertwood Farm is so blessed to have people who walk the farm frequently and [...]

Livestock Matters

Lower Pertwood Farm is an ideal farm for livestock.  The rolling typography are ideal for [...]

Latest Arrivals at Lower Pertwood

So far it is being a very successful year for raptors at the farm. Eight [...]

Hard roads are not good for the planet

At Pertwood, we like plants growing on our roads. The road planings we use are [...]

Impression of Nick Mann

We recently had a visit from Nick Mann, who runs a Somerset-based organisation called ‘Habitat [...]