The flowers are beginning to come into their own at Lower Pertwood Farm.

A strange season which started with a very cold May which inhibited germination of our flowers meant that everything got off to a rather slow start. However, the on/off rain and sun combination over the last few weeks has given our flowers a tremendous boost.

Being an organic farm of course they have to compete naturally with other plants that decide that they also enjoy that particular habitat but overall, with a little bit of management, we are seeing satisfactory results.

Visitors to Pertwood are more than welcome to follow the byways and footpaths on the farm and they will find flowers located in many different places. We typically use up our land margins to plant flowers. Traditionally these would have been set aside purely for wildlife and insects to enjoy but in some cases we use a percentage of that land to encourage nectar and pollen producing plants. The most noticeable feature of our flowers this year is how packed with bees they are. This of course is in turn linked to the fact that we have a programme of encouraging wild bee populations on the farm (see:

So, if you have an opportunity, do come and enjoy the flowers.

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