Daffodils are more than just a pretty face

Yellow and White Daffodils

Daffodils are more than just a pretty face. Did you know these Spring-time flowers also play an interesting role in farming? Here’s how:

1: Pest deterrence: Daffodils contain alkaloids that are toxic to many rodents and pests, making them an effective natural deterrent. By planting daffodils around the perimeter of a field or interspersing them among crops, farmers can protect their plants from unwanted visitors such as voles, mice, and deer.

2: Companion planting: Daffodils can be used as a form of companion planting, a practice in which different plants are grown together for mutual benefit. In addition to their pest-deterring properties, daffodils can provide a natural barrier against soil erosion and help maintain soil structure by anchoring their bulbs deep in the ground.

3: Crop rotation: Daffodil farming can be a valuable addition to a crop rotation system. Since daffodils are harvested at a different time than many other crops, farmers can grow them as a rotational crop, allowing the soil to recover and replenish nutrients between plantings of more demanding crops.

Who knew these cheerful flowers had a hidden talent for protecting crops and enriching the soil?

White Daffodils at Pertwood Organic Farm

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